This year I found it difficult to coach players, more particularly guards, to make a pass into the post player. After scouring the internet and YouTube looking for drills I couldn't find many resources to apply to my practice sessions to equip my players with the confidence to make the pass. I have started to think that, is this an skill issue or is it an anxiety issue -  players fear of forcing a turnover? How would you coach through this?

A major reason for developing high level ball handling skill to an autonomous level (Instinctive, without thought) is to liberate the eyes to look up (primary vision parallel with the ground) and maintain as wide a scope of vision as possible. Therefore why the  💀#️⃣🌀💣‼️ are the cones on the ground in so many coaches' skill development drills?

In the near future I will go into detail on the implications of single and double bumps, however this post is simply to outline the concept and terminology for those who may be unfamiliar with it so we're all on the same page for further examination in the future. Please click the link to the .pdf below to access a diagram of a concept that has massive implications on both offence and defence.