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Positive Transfer of Front Side and Back Side Reads to Other Offensive Concepts

One of the benefits of teaching your team the Front Side (reads the ball handler) and Back Side (reads the screener) Reads detailed in “How to Make the Defence Always Wrong - On Ball Screen Offence Versus Man” is that these same reads also apply to other offensive concepts like a pin down screen or a Dribble Hand-off.

This positive transfer across concepts makes learning faster and easier for the players. With increased certainty comes increased confidence and enhanced aggressiveness, all positives for one’s offence.

Below, the Denver Nuggets show how they apply Back Side Reads on a Nikola Jokic hand-off out of the post. Jokic’s man defends the hand-off conservatively, which opens up Jokic on the pop. As Jokic is a capable shooter Dallas must respect his pop and they tag towards it. Seeing the pop and the tag it induces, Monte Morris cuts behind his defender (Jalen Brunson), who has lost sight of him, for an uncontested catch in the paint.

It would be an uncontested lay up or would put the defence in rotations, except for the fact that at the time the Nuggets have Jokic paired with Miles Plumlee, an interior big, so the spacing is of a 3 around 2 nature and the help on the rim is greater as a result.

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