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2017 Basketball New Zealand Under 16 Boys'

2017 Basketball New Zealand Under 16 Boys'

Growth Mindset

Thank you to Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck for her career of hard work that lead to the paradigm shifting knowledge encapsulated by the Growth Mindset. If you'd like to know more than the summary below - and if you're a player, student, coach, teacher, parent or human being you should - please purchase a copy of Dweck's international bestseller, Mindset.

Growth Mindset Summary

Fundamentals to Minimise Turnovers

I intend to modernise the following resource in the near future, however, in the meantime, I believe it is still a valuable resource. Thank you to former Bay Hawks Head Coach, Townsville Crocs Head Coach and newly appointed Shiga Lakestars (Japan) Head Coach Shawn Dennis for the "inspiration" to develop this resource.

Fundamentals to Minimise Turnovers

Surgical Exponents of On-Ball Screens - Options Depicted

The following is a summary of the options depicted in the order that they occur on the Surgical Exponents of On-Ball Screens video featuring Stockton, Nash, Parker, Paul and Curry found on my YouTube channel. Please access the video here:

Options Depicted

Positional criteria for the point guard position.

Point Guards

Positional criteria for the wing position.


Positional criteria for the stretch four position.

Stretch Fours

Positional criteria for the stretch five position.

Stretch Fives

Positional criteria for screen-dive (roll) five position.

Screen-dive fives

Habitual Adaptability Continuum